Welcome to SwapIt

Where women+ swap instead of shop.

SwapIt is a woman-owned local business that shakes up the way you shop for clothes–because you don’t shop, you swap. 

We are a membership-based store that gives you unlimited access to our inventory of clothing through one-to-one swaps– you swap in an item you no longer want, you swap out a new-to-you item you love. Come in as often as you want, and swap as much as you want, all for one low annual membership fee of $147. 

You can even upgrade your membership with our easy and efficient Personal Swapper service that curates a selection of items based on your specific needs. No need to ever go into a store again, unless you want to.

So why swapping?

Because for many of us, shopping for clothes is stressful: crowded, disorganized stores with inconsistent sizing and annoying return policies can make us feel terrible and totally stressed out. 

Well, swapping fixes those problems and more.

Offering a better alternative to finding the clothes that you will wear, love, and let go of when you don't need them any more.

Swapping at SwapIt is like trading clothes with a hundred besties–and there is nothing stressful about that!

When you say YES to swapping, you say ...

Oh Yeah! to

  • Leaving your wallet at home
  •  A wardrobe that can keep up with your changing life
  • ​Keeping only what you want, need and love
  • ​An environmentally friendly way to have an unlimited wardrobe
  • The freedom to try whatever style, color or item you want

Heck No to

  • Budget busting investment pieces
  • Fears of being stuck with a bad choice
  • ​Overstuffed closets with nothing to wear
  • Limits on what you can find
  • ​A million little decisions 

Women love swapping!

"I have been with SwapIt since they first opened and my enthusiasm about the experience has not waned! SwapIt took something that felt like a chore – shopping – and turned it into something that’s exciting. 

It feels very different from traditional retail shopping: you can try an unlimited number of clothes, take them home, and bring them back any time if you don’t want to keep them. 

The membership model means you can take home one item or 30, and there are no return windows or limitations – so you never get stuck with a bad decision. I love that. " 

--Prema S., Marketing Professional

You know how it's hard to create a wardrobe that fits your style, works for your budget and your social priorities?

Well, SwapIt fixes that problem. 

We offer a huge range of styles, brands and sizes all in one store making it super easy to discover your style, try something new or stick to your favorites. 

We offer a membership, that really provides you an unlimited wardrobe for the price of one dress at your favorite department store. 

And we are local, women-owned and environmentally friendly. 

Who is SwapIt for?

SwapIt is for anyone who needs women’s clothing. We specialize in sizes 2 - 18. 

Our members include women of all ages and in all stages of life, including professionals, stay-at-home and working moms, business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees, trans women, and teens. 

Each member brings her own personal flair to the SwapIt inventory and experience, allowing you unlimited swapping options, whether you want to explore new styles or stick to what you know and love. 

The Three Big FAQs

Do you buy or consign clothing?

We do not. All of our inventory is swapped in by our members at no cost to us. We never buy or consign clothing. This creates significant savings that we are pleased to pass on to our members.

How can I swap with you?

The only way to swap with us is to be a member. We do occasionally offer special events for non members to come in, so check back often or sign up for our email list to be kept in the know. 

I have never been in, how can I see and try SwapIt?

Fill out this form to get One Free Swap and then come on in and try us out. 

A wardrobe without compromise

Helping women+ create a wardrobe that doesn't force you to choose between what you love, your budget or your values.

SwapIt’s Clearance sale is back and better than ever!!!!!

This is by far our biggest event of the year!

We have hundreds, if not thousands of items out and more will keep coming as the event goes on!!!! .
We have everything! All seasons, all styles, shoes & accessories! Nothing is held back!

This year it will work a little differently than in the past.

To create the best shopping experience we are requiring appointments. This keeps crowds small (only 8 people per hour), racks open and clothing easy to find.

Appointments are for one hour, cost $12 and include 5 items!!

 After that everything in the store is just $1!!!!

Members get in free and get 2 for 1 swaps.

Get your ticket and see why it's a no miss event!

Here's how it works:
1) Click the yellow button bellow to book your spot
2) Show up at the store for your appointment time
3) Take home your 5 included items (and anything else you find for just $1)

This is best for sizes XS-XL.
Don’t worry, we will be hosting separate maternity and plus size events at later dates.


Connect with us

363 Main Street, Medford MA
Text or Call:  (617) 466-9863‬


Available only for members by appointment. 
See Membership page for details