In Store Personal Styling Sessions
Even Wonder Woman needs a little help.
Why Personal Styling?
Traditional retail clothing stores, fast fashion, style magazines, the pressure to cram ourselves into this season’s new clothes… the clothing industry isn’t designed to make you feel your best. It’s designed to make you feel like you need more, like you don’t have enough, like you’re not enough. 

But personal styling is the idea that dressing is a conscious act that requires setting aside a bit of time, space and mindfulness.  

It’s a process - one that allows you to make lasting, impactful changes on your wardrobe without breaking a sweat (or your wallet) with the help of someone who knows about looking good.

And finally, instead of consuming time, money, and sanity - the SwapIt process frees up all those things so you can focus on what really matters. Time with your kids, with your friends, with your partner, working on your business, or walking your dog. 

We deserve outfits that make us feel stronger, smarter, more capable, and more beautiful. Every Single Day. Your clothes should make you feel like Wonder Woman. That’s why SwapIt's personal styling services exist.

"With just a few pieces from SwapIt boom your outfits turn into exciting possibilities. It takes fresh eyes of skilled stylists to work with your pieces and make you shine. I love everything about SwapIt. My time is so precious and it’s a fun and efficient, super affordable experience! The staff makes you feel your best and you deserve it!" 


"P.S. I don’t enjoy shopping and I drive over an hour to SwapIt! This place is a must try for the non shopper and shopper!" 
You know how adding the right pieces to your wardrobe 
is a challenge? 
Well, The Custom fixes that problem
1.  Before you even arrive we put together your customized rack of clothing. 
 2. Then we try those pieces on together creating outfits you love. 
 3. All while you learn about your style and what flatters your body.  

This process ensures you bring home the best pieces for you. 

We even send follow ups notes so you remember everything we worked on.  

* Looking for better fitting pants?
* More cozy sweaters?
* Fun statement pieces to show off who you are?
* Or just looking to be more put together and stylish?

Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find it.  
The Custom Includes:
*45 Minutes with stylist
*5 Items to take home from SwapIt inventory
*Customized rack 
*Personal Style tips
*Follow Up Notes

In fact, you get exactly what you need without chasing down sales people, sifting through racks and standing alone in your closet figuring out how to wear each item. 

All for just $50
Want to bring a friend or 3 with you? 
2 Person Session
($49.50 per person)
1.5 Hours
5 Items Each
3 Person Session
($40 per person)
2.5 hours
5 Items Each
4 Person Session
($35 per person)
2.5 Hours
5 Items Each
Have more than 3 friends that want to get styled? Host a Party! See events page for details.
You know when you have a whole bunch of clothing in your closet that you just pass over and don’t wear, 
they get in your way and don’t make you feel any joy?
Well, The Edit fixes that problem
1. First you bring up-to 10 items from your closet that you hardly wear.
 2. Then together we work to figure out why you don’t wear them.
 3. Lastly we decide if its a hidden gem or if it needs to go. 
This Process ensures you only keep the best pieces for you. 
*Maybe they don’t fit right?
*Maybe you don’t know how to wear it?
*Maybe you're not getting your money's worth out of it?
*Or just maybe they are a hidden treasure just waiting to be found?

As we answer these questions we go piece by piece through your clothes. We either create amazing outfits with them (with the help of pieces from SwapIt) or help you say goodbye. Basically making sure we only let you leave with pieces that make you feel like a million bucks.

The Edit Includes:
*1 Hour with stylist
*5 Items to take home from SwapIt inventory
* 1 to 1 swap of what you decide not to keep 
*Personal Style Tips
*Follow Up Notes

In fact, the average person wears only 20% of what's in their closet, wasting time, space and an average of $600.

Let’s fix that. 
All for just $100
You know how you want a closet with fewer items but more outfits?

Well, The Capsule fixes that problem
1. First you bring in 7 items 
 2. Then we add in SwapIt inventory. 
 3. Lastly we mix and match them all together to create two weeks worth of looks that are perfect for your day-to-day life.

Items you bring in:
*2 long sleeve tops
*1 tank
*1 dress
*2 bottoms
*1 cardigan/blazer/jacket

We guarantee you at least 15 outfits. 

The Capsule Includes:
*1.5 Hours with stylist
*15 Outfits (If we don’t create 15 outfits you receive text support to complete the promise) 
*5 Items to take home from SwapIt inventory
*Personal Style Tips
* Follow Up Notes
In fact, it's not only useful for your day to day life, but also vacations and small closets. 

All for $150
That's just $15 an outfit