Guilt Free, Sustainable, Addictive Shopping
Everything at SwapIt is setup to make your shopping experience better, take home only what you need, love, will wear and feel amazing in. We do that through our services and how our store is laid out. Take a look..... 
Four Ways to SwapIt
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Personal styling
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 Monday: Appointment Only
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 Wednesday: 12pm-8pm
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 For the woman who hates to shop:
the Ultimate way to Style
SwapIt's mission is to shrink what women spend on clothes, while growing the happiness and usefulness women get from their clothes. 

Traditional shopping and retail stores encourage you to buy more and act like that will fix your outfit deficit disorder. We encourage you to buy smart. We help you buy outfits that fit who you are and what you need. No more adding items that you don't know how to wear, just clothing that you love! 

You deserve every opportunity in the world. It’s time to let your incredible self shine through. It’s time to remove the blocks, clear away the distractions, and present you, the real you to the world.

That's why SwapIt exists. 

Whether you take us up on our one of our services or just come in to browse, your whole shopping experience will be built around only adding pieces that you will wear and love. So come check us out. 
Designed for the busy woman who would rather be running, traveling, or conquering the world than spending time shopping.

In Your Home Services

 If you want a little more help, someone to hold your hand through letting go of whats not right for you and working more with the great pieces you already have before adding more, our in home services are exactly what you're looking for. 

You have a million-and-one things to do, and sorting through your clothes doesn’t even make the list. Let us make it 
easy for you.  

Guilt Free, Sustainable, Addictive Shopping
We felt a need and we filled it. We are all buying too much clothing and still not feeling good about our selves and how we look. Our closets are stuffed with things we don't wear and our wallets are lighter from filling it. SwapIt is the chance to be part of a circular-economy of clothing. Rather than sending unneeded clothes to take up room in landfills, you can send them to fill someone else’s closet. It lessons the demand for the energy and resource-intensive clothing industry, while still allowing you to have the wardrobe you want, love and wear. SwapIt is here to take the stress, overspending and negative environmental effects out of shopping and SwapIt for an easier, more productive and cleaner experience.