Nitty Gritty 
Swap Membership 
All you need to know about swapping...
• Swap Credits are stored in our system. Feel free to bring in items any time the store is open. Swaps do not need to be used the same day. Email us at anytime to find out how many swap credits you have. 

• Swaps valid for length of membership. Any swaps not used by the end of your membership are lost and are not eligible for swapping or monetary value. 

• Use in store. You can use your swaps at any events, styling sessions, parties or any time you are in the store.   

Negative Swaps You are able to take home more swaps than you have brought in. You have the full length of your membership to get into the positive or zero out your balance (bring in enough clothing to make up for the items you already brought home). If you end your membership with negative swaps you will be charge $5 per negative swap.

• Swaps are only to be used for yourself. It is a per person membership meaning swaps are not allowed to be used for friends or family. All items swapped out are intended for the member use only.   

• Swap & Shops are free. If you have credits there is no need to bring items to a swap & shop. Email us at anytime to find out how many swap credits you have. 

What can be swapped in. We will accept women's clothing, scarves, shoes (count as one item), and bags that come from a member as part of the items allowed to be swapped. What is not counted is jewelry, belts, bras. other accessories or items from others. You may bring those in, but they will not be counted as swap credit. 

• We do not accept. Kid's clothing or men's clothing.  

What can be swapped out from SwapIt inventory. Clothing and scarves are the only items that can be swapped out. What can not be swapped out are shoes, bags, sunglasses, or accessories. 

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