SwapIt Grand Opening
Sunday, April 22nd! 
Styling, shopping, games for kids! 
How SwapIt works
Swap your old way of shopping for an exciting new done-for-you service! 
1. Book a session online. 

Receive an email to schedule your session and to fill out your style questionnaire. Tell us about your size and style and what you want to focus on, general wardrobe, dating, work, an event or pants are always popular topics. 

2. Come in and get styled. 

We pre-select items for you, show you how to  wear them and you get to take five items home. All while creating a Lookbook to memorialize the outfits for future wear. 

3. Go home and enjoy the outfits! 

See what works for you and what doesn't. In the mean time we will be curating your next session.
4. Book another appointment when you're ready. 

It's a journey to make every outfit your favorite and we are with you all the way. 

What it Costs

Q. How much does a Personal Styling Session cost?
$50 for a style session. 45 minutes one on one with a stylist and 5 items included.

Q. Are there any extra fees?
No. If you would like more items than are included with your session, you can buy them at our low prices.

Q. The price point is lower than expected, why?
Our price point is very intentional. We think that if you want a personal stylist you should be able to have one! We never skimp on quality of service or product. 

Our Styled Clients
Having great clothes is fun ---- having great outfits is life changing.
"...This service is INVALUABLE and worth every penny!"
"In the end I wound up with outfits in a "look book" album that completely takes the guesswork out of my morning routine. And as a mom and a business owner, that's amazing. "
Mel - Mom and 
Founder of Wits End Organizing 
"...Wow, I can't thank you enough for your help!"
"I am mom of two and it 's been a long time since I felt like what I wear on a daily basis really matters. And it does! With little investment in time and the right help, every woman can clean out and build upon their own wardrobe to get the clothes they will feel good about."
Emily - Mom and 
Owner at Ready Set, Kids
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
"I just retired and I needed to change my style now that I don't go to an office anymore. The new-to-you pieces they picked for me were a perfect fit for me and my new life style."
Sheryl - Grandma and retiree
What is included with my session?

Our stylists are trained to ask you the questions that make sure you dress how you want to be seen.  We show you tweaks, tricks, and hacks that you can use on all your outfits. We style you, not the clothing. This is styling for the real woman. 

* Pre-picked pieces ready and waiting for you to try on based on info you      provide us

* 45 minutes with a SwapIt stylist

* 5 Items of your choosing included with the cost of your session

* Items pinned for tailoring

* Photos of your looks for your personal Lookbook

* Outfit creation 

Benefits of a Style Session 
  Outfits that project your personality while meeting your practical needs.
  Great fashion advice in a non-judgmental and totally not pushy way.
  No more frump – it’s all about creating a wardrobe that gives you confidence! 
  Make smart purchases.

Come see us!
67 Holland Street, Somerville MA
Schedule your appointment 
or walk ins welcome (when available).

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Wednesday: 9am-12pm
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Saturday: 11am- 6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

Get Your sessions now!
Your order is 100% Secured and only $50
We offer evening, weekend, and daytime hours. You will receive a link by email to book your session after you purchase.
We are a second hand clothing shop. As each woman rediscovers her style confidence, we are keeping clothing out of landfills, making us a counter movement to fast fashion. It’s a beautiful way to be a rebel.

Your wardrobe is a direct expression of who you are and how you’d like the world to see you. It’s also a tool to get what you want from your career and personal life. A lot is riding on the shoulders of your outfits! Therefore, you choose what you want us to focus on. Maybe you need a work wardrobe; or a few chic outfits for that out-of-town conference; or a presentation-crushing pants suit. Tell us your goals and we’ll make sure you meet them without losing an ounce of your personal style.

Admit it… in your secret LadyBoss fantasy, you breeze through your day without anything slowing you down. Your clothes always work perfectly for you – never too loose or too tight. They feel comfortable. No, they feel fabulous. And subsequently, you feel fabulous.

SwapIt was built to make this fantasy your reality. 
At SwapIt, we don't just put together new outfits and say goodbye. We work with you and teach you, giving you new ideas so you can do it yourself. We help you understand that it's not what you have, but how you wear it. We ask you questions that go beyond just fashion and style, such as: How do you want to feel in your clothes? What do you want to project through the clothing you wear? What is challenging about getting dressed? One of our former clients, Elizabeth, said that after her session, she is "still working through a lot of this (and I’m sort of surprised by how emotional and illuminating this has been)."

What's Your Dream?
A past client of ours dreams of a corner office. She is currently participating in a program to help get her there, and she credits SwapIt for helping her get accepted. She had interviewed for the program previously and didn't get in. She thought that wearing something stodgy was professional and impressive, but she didn't feel like herself. After SwapIt helped her find an outfit that made her feel comfortable, fantastic, and like herself, she rocked the interview and got into the program.

What's Holding you back?
  •  I don't care about clothing
  • I have to lose weight
  • A personal stylist? That's too fancy for me
We hear it all the time. All the reasons why you don't want to book a session with SwapIt. Or maybe you're worried we're going to judge you, maybe you think it's shallow to care about how you're dressed, maybe you think "that's not me."

Hey, we totally get it if you feel like you’re selling out. If you’ve prided yourself on your smarts, your creativity, your compassion, I’m with you. I value those things a lot. But here’s the thing… this thing we do at SwapIt, it’s never really been just about the clothes.

It's about you.

You deserve to have every opportunity in the world. It’s time to let your amazing self shine through. It’s time to remove the blocks, clear away the distractions, and present the real you to the world. It's about feeling incredible, which will allow you to get done whatever it is that you need or want to get done.

At the SwapIt store, we'll go on this journey together. Together, we'll set goals so you know what you're after. We'll help you save money by not overbuying. We'll set you up with carefully-curated, fully coordinated outfits that fit your lifestyle. We'll help you be the woman you want to be - the real you.

Booking a session with SwapIt's personal stylist IS for you because it's not just about the clothes - although that's where we start.

So try us. Try SwapIt. All it takes is a leap of faith and a willingness to invest in yourself.

Have a swapping good day! 
The SwapIt Team